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Coloring pages of the Nickelodeon series Loud House.

Loud House is about the chaotic daily life of a boy, Lincoln Herrie (Loud), who is the middle child and only son in a family of eleven children. It is set in a non-existent town in the American state of Michigan, called "Royal Woods", and is based on the childhood of the creator of the series, who also grew up in a large family. The Loud family consists of Lincoln and his ten sisters: bossy Lori (17), foolish Leni (16), musician Luna (15), comedian Luan (14), athletic Lynn (13), the gloomy Lucy (8), the polar opposite twins Lana and Lola (6), the scientist Lisa (4), and the baby Lily (1). Lincoln sometimes talks directly to the viewer to explain the chaotic circumstances in the household and the relationships between him and his sisters, and constantly comes up with plans to make life in his house better.

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